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Holding Location

Razi Conventional Hall


Chamran Highway and Sheikh Fazlollah Highway junction,
West Hemmat Highway,
Tehran, Iran

Important Dates

The date of commencement to send articles : 6 August 2017
The deadline for sending articles : 21 November 2017
The date of announcement of the results of the arbitration : 6 December 2017
The due date of holding : 13-15 January 2018

About Congress

Nowadays personalized Medicine creates a new window in medicine using various sciences such as genetics, bioinformatics, biotechnology and etc. which focuses on individualized diagnostics and treatment for each patient. However personalized Medicine as a developing branch of medicine has several thousand years of history, the approached of individualized has developed among all other branched gradually in recent years. This field is getting more application day by day and it seems that it will be one of the main aspects of the medicine in near future. We are sure that the future of medicine is personalized. After the first Personalized Medicine was held on 25-27 February of 2017 and facing passionate welcome of professors, students, internal and international companies the second personalized medicine congress will be held on 12-15 January 2018 in the Razi Conventional Hall, Tehran, Iran. This congress is organized by the Baqiatal… Medical university, National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, and Iran University of Medical Sciences.

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